Witmore Boarding School is a school for young gifted people.
Here they are trained to control and use their powers, as well as how to adapt to a society that doesn't accept or acknowlegde their existence. All of that takes it tolls on their minds because they usually feel alone. Some are here because their parents brought them, but there are those who weren't so lucky and were left as soon as their parents discovered their child was "different". Some are here since infancy, others just got here. Their stories may vary, but deep down, they're all in the same boat. What Witmore wants to show them is that they're not alone.
Name: Francis Witmore.Age: Unknown.Ability: Resurrection/Regeneration.
Founder and principal of Witmore Boarding School, you don’t really see much of him around. He goes out mostly at night and he’s often traveling around the world looking for “special people” (as he calls them) who were abandoned somehow due to their abilities. When he is around, students don’t see much of him. And if they do see him, they don’t have enough guts to talk to him. Not that he’s dangerous, but he’s been around for quite some time. Some say he’s half a milenium old, some speculate that he’s immortal which is not really true. He die. He’s been dead quite a few times, but he can’t remain dead. He ressurects and regenerates, which is a good thing when people seem to want you dead. Word around campus is that Cohen met him when he wasn’t… like he is today.
Status: Open.
Name: Gavin Anderson.Age: 35 years old.Ability: Power Augmentation.
Most female students take PE classes every year. Not that they really want desesperately to run and sweat all day, but because of Gavin. He’s Witmore’s eye candy. He’s handsome, strong and he’s responsible for training all the youngsters, but he’s no no-brainer. He’s very smart and knows better than to get involved with students. His ability is incredibly handy when you’re responsible for both physical education classes and training classes. The diference’s that the latter means “training your ability”, whilst the first means training your body. Power augmentation means he can enhance or weaken everyone else’s abilities. If you have way too much energy — more common among people with power-related abilities, such as kinetic absorption — and you’ve never had training, he can make sure you won’t have to deal with enough energy to make a hole on campus. That can also be used as punishment for misbehavior, but that’s not usual around Witmore’s.
Status: Open.
Name: M. Cohen.Age: 43 years old.Ability: Possession.
Most people don’t really know mr Cohen. That’s how he’s called around campus, “mr Cohen” and no one really know his first name. Some say it’s Martin, some think he has a girly name and that’s why he never tells anyone. Fact is, Cohen’s scary. He’s the second oldest man on campus (right after mr Witmore himself) and was one of his first students and the man responsible for building the campus. He had the idea for the infrastructure of every building and saw to it that everything matched his and mr Witmore’s ideas. His ability’s possession, which makes him every more scary. He can possess anyone he likes and, although no one really know if he’s ever used on anyone, the fact they know he can control them somewhat granted him the most respect through the campus.
Status: Open.
Name: Christopher Williams. Age: 31 years old.Ability: Precognition.
Christopher was one of the students who got here at young age. At age six, he’d “see” what would happen to his family, which made his utterly religious mom believe he was a wizard. He stills resents his family for abandoning him and he was bitter most of his life, but it changed when he met the sophomore Sophia. They’ve grown and now they’re married and both work at Witmore’s. She makes him feel better about himself and now, with their first child, he feels a duty to his baby: not to abandon him and be a terrific father. He is, however, still bitter and he’s jealous of his wife, specially when she’s the only female teacher at Witmore’s, but he tries to conceal it the best he can. This is one of those teachers you want to be on the best terms with because his exams are some of the hardest and he’s a perfectionist.
Status: Open.
Name: Sophia Williams. Age: 27 years old.Ability: Psychokinesis.
Sophia’s father, Marc Smith, found out she had the ability of psychokinesis at very young age. She used to make her baby bottle levitate from across the room to her cradle. He was profoundly scared of her, but he figured that if she was brought up with love and care, she’d probably, probably be harmless. And so it was that she grew up to be a kind person and at age 15 was admitted into Witmore and she graduated with flying colors, being invited afterwards to teach there. She has a great relationship with all her students and she’s usually seem as a nice teacher, but she does want concentration and results from her students. She was recently on a leave due to her pregnancy, but she is back this semester. She’s married to Christopher Williams, another teacher at Witmore. They met when she was a sophomore and married as soon as she graduated. Their first child’s name’s Alexander Williams.
Status: Taken.